ASHDOWN, DOUG:  Guess I'm Doing Fine /  I Sure Ain't Standin' Still (CBS 202083, UK  1966) 
€ 40,00
Rare early UK 45 by this Australian singer-singwriter! Great Dylanesk acid folk psych. Perfect copy!
BENSON, GARY:  Holly / Oak Tree (Penny Farthing PEN 727, UK  1970) 
€ 40,00
The A-s. "Holly" is lovely psych pop in an early Bee Gees kinda way. Comped on FADING YELLOW Vol. 5. Top copy that comes with Penny Farthing company sleeve. Scarce!
BLOUNT, MICHAEL: Ryba Jyba /  Acorn Street (CBS S 5248, UK  1970) 
€ 40,00
The B-s. "Acorn Street" is great enigmatic folky popsike and for me the highlight on his first "Patchwork" album. It was also comped on FADING YELLOW Vol. 8. The record is in perfect condition with slight sticker residue on labels. Comes with CBS company sleeve. Rare!
BYSTANDERS, THE: This World Is My World /  Painting The Time (Pye 7N 17540, UK  1968) 
€ 65,00
Great U.K. psych pop! "Painting The Day" was incl. on RIPPLES Vol. 6. Perfect promo copy with centre intact. Comes with original Pye label sleeve.
CALIFORNIANS, THE: Sunday Will Never Be The Same /  Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (Decca Dl 25 323, GER  1967) 
€ 60,00
Third single by this Midlands 60’s group of “Golden Apples”, “Follow Me” etc. fame. The B-s. is wonderful dreamy psych pop and was included on FADING YELLOW #4. This is a rare German white label promo pressing with both record and the cool PS in stunning condition!
CLAYTON SQUARES, THE: And Tears Fell /  Come And Get It (Decca DL 25 220, GER  1965) 
M-/M- sol/sobc
Top copy German PS pressing of this famous early U.K. 60's mod R&B/beat classic = "Come And Get It". "R" stamp on backsleeve and label B-s. "Beat For Beaters" pic sleeve. Comped on MOD MEETING Vol. 3. Rare!
FREEDOM, THE:  Escape While You Can /  Kandy Kay (Intermission, BEL  1969) 
€ 40,00
Hard to find Belgium-only group PS release of this U.K. 60’s single originally released on the small Plexium label. Lovely 2-sider! The B-s. “Kandy Kay” is a fab brassy organ psych mover that will work well for the dancefloor. “Escape While You Can” is haunting orchestrated pop-sike that would not be out of place on a FADING YELLOW compilation. Comes in a flimsy one-sided sleeve, the way it was issued.
JUNIOR'S EYES: Woman Love /  Circus Days (Regal Zonophone RZ 3018, UK  1969) 
M- demo
€ 60,00
Great U.K. psych 2-sider in a SF Sorrow-kinda way! Record looks in EX shape, but there's a scratch on "Circus Days" (comped on Castle's REAL LIFE PERMANENT DREAMS 4-cd) causes light clicks during part of the song, the B-s. plays perfectly. This 45 comes with the Regal Zonophone company sleeve.
KIPPINGTON LODGE:  Shy Boy /  Lady On A Bicycle (Parlophone R 5645, UK  1967) 
€ 85,00
Brilliant U.K. psych 2-sider recorded at Abbey Road and produced by Mark Wirtz. "Shy Boy" was also included on Tomorrow's album from 1968. This record is in perfect condition and comes with the original Columbia label sleeve. Rare!
LATTER, GENE AND THE DETOURS:  My Life Ain't Easy / Angie (Spark 14 166 AT, GER  1968) 
€ 75,00
Top copy of this great soul-infected U.K. mod freakbeat dancer! "My Life…" comped on MIX A FIX – UK FLOOR FILLERS #2, KEEP LOOKIN’ 3-cd box etc. Gene Latter previously was the lead vocalist of The Shake Spears from Belgium/Rhodesia. German-only pic sleeve release. Rare!
MY DEAR WATSON: Elusive Face /  The Shame Just Drained (Parlophone R 5687, NL  1968) 
€ 75,00
Scottish 60’s group previously known as Johnny & the Copycats that went to London and came under the wings of George Young and Harry Vanda of the Easybeats. The great psych-ish B-s. “The Shame Just Drained” was actually written by Vanda-Young and only known as a demo recording for the Easybeats. This rare Dutch pressing is in excelent condition, with centre intact and comes with a Parlophone company sleeve.
REGENTS, THE:  Bye Bye Johnny /  Come Along (Show SH 1077, BEL  1964) 
€ 50,00
Rare Belgian PS issue of this great beat/rock 2-sider by U.K. 60's group led by Buddy Britten, originally released in the U.K. on the Oriole label.
REID, MARC: The Magic Book /  My World Turns Around You (CBS 202581, UK  1967) 
€ 40,00
The A-s. is a pleasant version of the Cook-Greenaway song better known by The Gibsons, but the highlight here is "My World... " a baroque folk pop beauty comped on TEA & SYMPHONY. This stock copy is in perfect condition and comes with a CBS company sleeve.
SAKER: Hey Joe /  Constantly (Parlophone R 5752, UK  1969) 
€ 40,00
Cool 45 by U.K. singer-songwriter Bob Saker incl. a baroque pop version of "Hey Joe", but I prefer the psych-tinged folky flip "Constantly" that has a few light clicks in the intro (therefor downgraded to VG+). This 45 comes with the Parlophone company sleeve. Scarce!
SMITH, JOHN & THE NEW SOUND: Out & About /  Don't Back The Loser (Vogue DV 14653, GER  1967) 
€ 25,00
Nice copy of superb 45 by this Germany-based U.K. 60’s group. "Don't Back The Loser" is killer freakbeat with a fantastic guitar break! Their best along with “Just A Loser” and only issued in Germany. It was comped on HIDE & SEEK RETURNS LP. Some white spots into the vinyl, but record plays excellent. Light (ring)wear on the PS, but overall looking nice.