CARLY, DANY AND HIS TWISTERS: Rockin' Barcarolle / 1, 2, 3, 4, Twist (Radar 9 RAD 57, BEL 1963)VG++/EX SOLD
  Instro 2-sider!  
CHATS NOIRS, LES:  Oui C'Est Bon / Dans Ce Bal (Selection 5001, BEL 1963)VG+/VG++ € 30,00
  Really cool A-side!  
DAVY AND JUNIOR WITH GUESS WHO:  Party in Joe Craig's Bar /  Cream Cheese (Ronnex R 1.397, BEL 1969)VG++/VG+ € 35,00
  Killer heavy Hammond mod instro dancer! Fantastic 2-sider! Really nice copy perfectly suitable for dj-ing! Stamp on back of pic sleeve!  
RICHARD, JOHNNY: Believe Me /  I Want To Be Your Baby (Arcade 5104, BEL 1970)M-/M- € 80,00
  Top copy!  
ROY, BENNY AND HIS PARADERS:  Saxorama / Alouette /  Trumpets Of Jericho / Pastel (Hebra EP 1.002, BEL 1963)EX/EX € 55,00
  Rare EP!