DJANGO: Timothy /  I Need Love (Polydor 2050 119, BEL  1971) 
€ 35,00
Belgium release, but also issued in the Netherlands. Actually this was a U.S. band that lived in Holland for a while. The A-s. is a version of The Buoys hit, but I like is for their rather insane and brutal heavy psych take on Larry Williams' "I Need Love". The record was produced by Peter Koelewijn (4PK). Top copy for both record & sleeve!
MISSING LINK:  Flying /  Walking Alone (Ariola 14733 AT, NL  1970) 
VG+/VG+ wobc/toc
€ 20,00
Fab still rather unknown 2-sider by this Dutch band coming from the Hilversum/Soest region. Excellent 2-sider incl. the Beatlesque "Flying" and the more psych orientated "Walking Alone".
ONCE, JIMMY AND THE VIPS: O, What A Surprise! /  Rock A Beat A Rhythm (CNR UH 9780, NL  1965) 
€ 25,00
Cool under the radar early Dutch mod R&B/beat 45! Great fun 45 to be played out LOUD! Hard to find with the original PS! Record plays well. Sleeve is in perfect shape.
PEPS, THE:  I Found Out /  Foolish Day (C-C-R 001, NL  1966) 
VG+ nc
€ 50,00
Rare & great privately-released Dutch beat garage doublesider! Comped on HIGHLIGHTS IN THE LOWLANDS, DOWNBEAT etc. Plays great! No centre. Comes with a photocopy of the original PS.
RENE AND HIS ALLIGATORS:  She Broke My Heart /  I Can Wait (Decca AT 10 169, NL  1965) 
M-/EX swoc
€ 30,00
Fab jangly folkbeat 45 in the Sandy Coast-vein by this Dutch 60's group (later on The Alligators). Both record and sleeve are in top shape! Rare!
SHANE, THE:  Lady Bountifull /  Got To Hold On (Decca AT 10 253, NL  1967) 
€ 75,00
Fab mod beat 2-sider by this Dutch group from The Hague. Great pounding two sider with thrashing guitars, great soulful vocals and Small Faces vibes! Comped on V-LIPS, FLIGHT TO LOWLANDS #2, RED WITH PURPLE FLASHES etc. Great copy that plays perfectly and has centre intact. Sleeve with general wear, but no writing, tape etc. Hard to find!
SOFT ROCK & BLUE JEANS:  A Day /  Our Love (Mirasound P 1239, NL  1975) 
EX/VG+ swoc
€ 10,00
Haunting Dutch folk psych 45 on the small Mirasound label. Moody stuff! From 1975, but has all the vibes of a late 60's/early 70's recording!
U.S. SOUND:  Song Of A Devil Servant /  Satisfaction (FP 101, NL  1969) 
€ 75,00
Great privately released Dutch psych beat 2-sider. Great phased psych version of the Golden Earrings song b/w raw fuzz-loaded punkish take on "Satisfaction". Cool PS! Record and PS are in top condition.
WEETJEWEL:  Lila Lovin' Lola /  The Chronical Irresistable Popcult Illness (Omega 35.761, NL  1966) 
€ 175,00
Great Kinks soundalike beat 45 from the Netherlands! "Lila Lovin’ Lola" is a great "Sittin’ On My Sofa" rip off with a heavily Ray Davies affected vocalist singin' four years prior to the Kinks (!!!) about a Lola lying behind the pianola! Comped on HAVOC FROM HOLLAND. Record looks and plays great. The original PS has tape residue at the edges, but no writings, stickers etc. Very rare!
ZEN: Hair /  Tiny Little Bee (Philips 6012 638, NL  1976) 
EX/VG+ rw
€ 25,00
Great Dutch late 60's psych pop! Out of 100 copies 99 of them come with the boring "Aquarius" B-side, but this has the fantastic "Tiny Little Bee" (also incl. on their 1st LP) on it. Actually rarer than any of the other Zen 45's, especially finding it in the original PS! Issued in 1976, but songs recorded in 1969.