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ALZO: Don't Ask Me Why/You're Gone (Bell 45247, USA 1972) M- SOLD
  A.k.a. Alzo Fronte who was part of the Alzo and Udine duo that made one cool album in 1968. "You're Gone" is great popsike and was comped on FADING YELLOW #7.  
BEAU BRUMMELS, THE: You Tell Me Why/I Want You (Autumn 16, USA 1965) VG++ € 10,00
  Classic jangly CA folk rock 2-sider! A must!  
BOYCE, TOMMY: Pee N' Que's/Little Suzy Somethin' (MGM K13429, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  The one part of famous songwriting duo Boyce & Hart. The B-s. "Little Suzy Somethin'" is a cool Diddley beat guitar garage rocker! Comes with company sleeve.  
CASTAWAYS, THE: Lavender Popcorn/What Kind Of Face (Fontana F-1626, USA 1968) VG++ (coh) SOLD
  Great later 45 by Minnesota's "Liar Liar" group. Great psych pop version of "Lavender Popcorn" also recorded by U.K. 60's group Scrugg.  
CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Lonely Man/Negative Dreamer Girl (Vanguard VRS-35063, USA 1968) EX (promo) € 10,00
  Great promo 2-sider by this Texas 60's grp. Both songs off their 2nd "Neverland Revisited" LP. Haunting poppy psych b/w crude fuzz psych garage mover!  
COOPER, DON: Mad George/Rapid Rainbow Times (Roulette VR 195069, FRANCE 1970) EX/M- (promo) € 10,00
  Great French-only folky pop 2-sider by this NY singer/songwriter! Both songs of his 2nd album "Bless The Children". Promo stamp on label.  
COWSILLS, THE: Most Of All/Siamese Cat (Philips 40382, USA 1966) VG++/M- € 10,00
  Scarce promo PS 45 by this famous 60's Rhode Island folk pop family group.  
CRYAN SHAMES, THE: Sugar And Spice/Ben Franklin's Almanac (Destination 624, USA 1966) VG(+) € 10,00
  Illinois 60's group. Mersey-styled version of the Searchers song b/w fast jangly garage raver ("7" in the TBM-book!) off A JOURNEY TO TYME #2. Dark blue label pressing. Plays great.  
DEAN, RITCHIE: It's Rainin' It's Pourin'/The Old Cathedral (Tower 228, USA 1966) VG++ (promo) SOLD
  A.k.a. New York singer-songwriter Warren Schatz (Warmest Spring, Petrified Forest, Whispers etc.). in disguise. "It΄s Rainin'..." is great folk pop!  
FENIANS, THE: Got A Feeling/Tonight's The Night For Love (Dee Gee Records 3004, USA 1965) VG++ (promo) € 10,00
  Rumoured to be an Irish group that relocated to California. "Got A Feelin'" is great jangly garage!  
FIVE AMERICANS, THE: Zip Code/Sweet Bird Of Youth (Stateside HSS 1219, HOLLAND 1967) VG++/EX (sol/sobc) € 10,00
  Cool Dutch PS issue of pleasant organ garage pop 45!  
GRASS ROOTS, THE: Let's Live For Today/Depressed Feeling (Dunhill D-4084, USA 1967) EX € 10,00
  Classic 2-sider incl. a cool remake of the song originally by Italian 60΄s group Rokes b/w fast psychedelic fuzz garage fave penned by Grass Roots vocalist Warren Entner. Essential.  
GRASS ROOTS, THE: Things I Should Have Said/Tip Of My Tongue (Dunhill D-4094, USA 1967) EX € 10,00
  Fab folky garage pop 2-sider written by P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri.  
GROOP, THE: A Famous Myth/A Famous Myth (Bell B-800, USA 1969) VG++ (promo) € 10,00
  Brilliant flower pop sike with gorgeous harmoy vocals by group that had also a great album out on Bell in 1969. With original company sleeve.  
IN-KEEPERS, THE: Everytime/Daily News (RCA 47-9713, USA 1969) M- (promo) € 10,00
  Unknown late 60's 45 by a group thought to be from New England. The B-s. "Daily News" is great breezy harmony folk pop!  
JAMIE AND THE JURY: Bright Is The Day/This Too Shall Pass (Columbia 4-43969, USA 1966) VG+ (dj) € 10,00
  Second 45 by this obscure CA 60's group. Cool twangy garage pop b/w magical baroque popsike = big fave!  
MOJO: Everyday Love/There Goes My Mind (GRT 16, USA 1969) M- (promo) SOLD
  Great later folk psych 45 by The Mojo Men under their shortened monicker! "There Goes My Mind" is a fave! Comes with GRT company sleeve.  
NEWLOOK, THE: East Of The Dawn [In The Year Of Our Love]/What Did You Take Me For (TRX T-5011, USA 1968) VG+ (promo) SOLD
  Milwaukee 60's group. The A-s. "East Of The Dawn" is great Fading Yellow-type flower pop psych!  
SKUNKS: I Recommend Her/I Need No One (World Pacific 77889, USA 1968) VG+ SOLD
  Milwaukee 60's group. The B-s. "I Need No One" is fab jangly folk garage! Huge fave!  
SPACE: Jack In The Box/Radio Song (Crazy Horse 1304, USA 1969) M- SOLD
  LA 60's psych group. "Radio Song" is a great trippy psych pop. The A-s. "Jack In The Box" is very British sounding toytown pop. Cool 45!  
SYNDICATE OF SOUND: Rumors/The Upper Hand (Stateside HSS 1148, HOLLAND 1966) VG/VG € 10,00
  Scarce Dutch pressing of classic CA garage! The cool PS is wrinkled at the top, but still looks nice enough. Plays fine.  
THORINSHIELD: Lonely Mountain Again/Family Of Man (Philips 40521, USA 1968) EX (coh) SOLD
  Great non-LP trippy folk psych by this obscure LA-based trio. "Lonely Mountain Again" was incl. on HIGH ALL THE TIME #2.