49TH PARALLEL: Close The Barn Door / Twilight Woman (Maverick MA-1004, USA 1968) VG+ SOLD
  U.S. release of this Canadian garage 45 originally released on the Venture label. "Close The Barn Door" was comped on ENDLESS JOURNEY #3.  
BEAU BRUMMELS, THE: You Tell Me Why / I Want You (Autumn 16, USA 1965) VG++ € 10,00
  Classic jangly CA folk rock 2-sider! A must!  
BOBBY AND I: Love Is For the Sharing / Catching The Time In Your Hand (Imperial 66348, USA 1968) M- (promo) € 10,00
  Gorgeous soft popsike! Comped on SOFT SOUNDS FOR GENTLE PEOPLE - HE & SHE !! With original label sleeve.  
BOYCE, TOMMY: Pretty Thing / I Don't Have To Worry 'Bout You (MGM 61119, NL 1965) VG+/VG+ SOLD
  Cool Dylanesk folk rocker! Rare Dutch PS issue. On the IT'S ZIMMERMAN'S WORLD comp.  
CASEY, AL WITH THE K-C-ETTES: Surfin' Hootenanny / Easy Pickin' (Stacy 962, USA 1963) EX € 10,00
  Classic surf killer 45 incorporating the style of Duane Eddy, Dick Dale and The Ventures! Must have!  
CHEVELLES, THE/WALKER, GLORIA: The Gallop / Talking About My Baby (Flaming Arrow FA35, USA 1968) M- (xol) SOLD
  Cool split-45! Groovvy funky soul instro that reminds me of Cliff Noble's "The Horse" b/w deep soul with a garage-y vibe rant about DIRTY MEN!!!  
COOPER, DON: Mad George / Rapid Rainbow Times (Roulette VR 195069, FRANCE 1970) EX/M- (promo) € 10,00
  Great French-only folky pop 2-sider by this NY singer/songwriter! Both songs of his 2nd album "Bless The Children". Promo stamp on label.  
COWSILLS, THE: Most Of All / Siamese Cat (Philips 40382, USA 1966) VG++/M- SOLD
  Scarce promo PS 45 by this famous 60's Rhode Island folk pop family group.  
CRYAN SHAMES, THE: Sugar And Spice / Ben Franklin's Almanac (Destination 624, USA 1966) VG(+) SOLD
  Illinois 60's group. Mersey-styled version of the Searchers song b/w fast jangly garage raver ("7" in the TBM-book!) off A JOURNEY TO TYME #2. Dark blue label pressing. Plays great.  
DEAL, HARRY & THE GALAXIES: This Love I Have / Walrus (Atlantic 45-2761, USA 1970) M- € 10,00
  Surprisingly cool "under the radar" psych pop B-side w/ phased vocals! With Atlantic label sleeve.  
DECEMBER'S CHILDREN: Mitch's High / Somethin' Fresh (Columbia 4-43806, USA 1966) EX (dj) SOLD
  Cool guitar/organ instro b/w great bouncy bubbegum dancer with fuzzz!!  
DINO, DESI & BILLY: My What A Shame / The Inside Outside Caspar Milquetoast Eskimo Flash (Reprise 0653, USA 1968) VG+ (promo/wol) € 10,00
  Great later non-LP 45 by them also included on Sundazed's excellent THE REBEL KIND compilation. Comes with original company sleeve.  
FENIANS, THE: Got A Feeling / Tonight's The Night For Love (Dee Gee Records 3004, USA 1965) VG++ (promo) SOLD
  Rumoured to be an Irish group that relocated to California. "Got A Feelin'" is great jangly garage!  
FIVE AMERICANS, THE: Zip Code / Sweet Bird Of Youth (Stateside HSS 1219, HOLLAND 1967) VG++/EX (sol/sobc) SOLD
  Cool Dutch PS issue of pleasant organ garage pop 45!  
FLANAGAN: Spin Spin / Go My Way (Smash S-2221, USA 1969) M- (xol) € 10,00
  Great psych pop 45. His take on Gordon Lightfoot's "Spin Spin" was on one of the LOST JUKEBOX comps but I prefer the cool flipside! Has the original label sleeve.  
GANTRY, CHRIS: Charmin Ne'er Do Well / Nashville Memoirs No. 1 (RCA Victor 47-8908, USA 1966) EX (dj/wol) SOLD
  Brilliant Dylan sound-a-like folk garage flip! With company sleeve.  
HARTFORD, JOHN: Big Blue Balloon / The Six O'Clock Train And A Girl With Green Eyes (RCA Victor 47-9451, USA 1967) M- (dj) € 10,00
  Lovely folk pop 2-sider with the words "Fading Yellow" written all over! With original RCA Victor company sleeve.  
HELLO PEOPLE: If I Should Sing Too Softly / Pray For Rain (Philips 40572, USA 1968) M- (promo) € 10,00
  Catchy soft pop psych comped on LOST JUKEBOX #3. With original Philips company sleeve.  
HENDRIX, JIMI: Segway III / All I Want (Cobra Record IB/004, ITALY 1972) G+ € 10,00
  Killer Italian-only jukebox 45. Recorded with Lonnie Youngblood early 1966. Plays a bit noisy.  
HOU-LOPS, LES: Oh Non / Elle A Change De Decor (Apex 13450, CANADA 1966) VG+ SOLD
  Fantastic Quebec fuzz garage included on the BEAT IT compilation!  
HUMAN BEINZ, THE: Hold On Baby / This Little Girl Of Mine (Capitol CR-2189, JAPAN 1968) M-/VG++ SOLD
  Great Japanese-only 45 by this well-known Ohio 60's garage group! Cool PS! Bargain!  
INFERNO, THE: Your Heart Is Too Big For Your Head / The Hurt Doesn't Go Away (Date 2-1524, USA 1966) EX (promo) SOLD
  Fast paced garage mover comped on PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS #9. Cool jangly flip!  
IN-KEEPERS, THE: Everytime / Daily News (RCA 47-9713, USA 1969) M- (promo) € 10,00
  Unknown late 60's 45 by a group thought to be from New England. The B-s. "Daily News" is great breezy harmony folk pop! With company sleeve.  
JAY, DEE & THE RUNAWAYS: Peter Rabbit / Are You Ready (Smash S-2034, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  Cool "Wooly Bully"-inspired frat-rock thumper! With Smash label sleeve.  
KING, HYLE MOVEMENT: Flower Smile / Forever 'N Ever (Liberty 55984, USA 1967) VG € 10,00
  Magic flower psych pop 2-sider! "Flower Smile" was comped on SOFT SOUNDS FOR GENTLE PEOPLE. Plays OK! With company sleeve.  
LEGEND, THE: The Kids Are Allright / Baby Blue (Megaphone R-701, USA 1968) VG (pl. ++) SOLD
  Great fast organ guitar version of the classic Who song! Flipside is a version of the Bob Dylan song. Record has a hairline crack but plays perfectly! Rare!  
LEMON PIPERS, THE: Green Tambourine / No Help From Me (Buddah BD 23, NL 1967) VG+/VG+ (sobc) € 10,00
  Classic 60's psych pop hit! Scarce Dutch PS issue.  
MARKS, LARRY: L.A. Break Down / Country Woman (A&M 210 041, GERMANY 1968) VG++/VG++ € 10,00
  Gorgeous 60's pop comped on FADING YELLOW #11. Seldom seen German title-sleeve issue!  
MATADORS, THE: I Gotta Drive / La Corrida (Colpix CP-718, USA 1964) M- (dj) SOLD
  Classic Beach Boys-style surf/hot-rod 45! Cheap!  
MAUDS, THE: Knock On Wood / Ha Ha Ha (Mercury SM-1051, JAPAN 1967) VG+/M- SOLD
  Gritty R&B garage version of Eddie Floyd's "Knock On Wood". Scarce Japanese-only PS 45!  
NED ODUM BOYS, THE: It's Superman / All The Clocks In The World Are Slow (Columbia 4-43570, USA 1966) M- (dj) € 10,00
  Great jangly folkrock flip! Fave! The A-s. is a version of the Dino, Desi & Billy song. With company sleeve.  
NEW BREED, THE: I'm In Love / Green Eye'd Woman (Diplomacy 22, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  Flip is great fast tambourine-backed garage mover comped on SOUND OF YOUNG SACRAMENTO. "I'm In Love" is the song Lennon-McCartney wrote for the Fourmost.  
OLIVER: Jean / The Arrangement (Crewe 334, USA 1969) M- € 10,00
  Great Eastern-styled psych pop flip!  
PARADE, THE: Sunshine Girl / This Old Melody (A&M 841, USA 1967) EX (coh) SOLD
  Classic flower folk pop 2-sider comped on SAN FRANCISCO DAZE, MORE NUGGETS #2 etc.  
PEWTER, JIM & THE SATURDAY REVUE: Father Kline / Sunday Morning Light (RCA 74-0186, USA 1969) VG++ (dj) € 10,00
  Great unknown psych pop A-side! With company sleeve.  
RATIONALS, THE: Feelin' Lost / Respect (Cameo C-437, USA 1966) VG(+) SOLD
  Classic Michigan garage mover off A JOURNEY TO TYME #2. Plays better! With company sleeve.  
REVELERS, THE: Don't Listen To Your Friends / It Just Can't Be (PJ Records 1400, USA 1964) M- SOLD
  Moody NY folk garage flip!  
RUMBLES LTD., THE: Jezebel / The Music In Me (Mercury 72723, USA 1967) VG+ (dj) SOLD
  Great New England pop beat flip! With Mercury company sleeve.  
SAUSSY, TUPPER & THE WAYWARD BUS: Edgar Whitsuntide / Love Him (RCA Victor 47-9562, USA 1968) M- (promo) € 10,00
  Great Vaudeville-inspired toy town pop included on LOST JUKEBOX #92. With company sleeve.  
SCARLET LETTER, THE: Mary Maiden / Mary Maiden (Mainstream 696, USA 1969) EX (promo) SOLD
  Beautiful Michigan psych ballad with phasing/wah-wah comped on ALL KINDS OF HIGHS. Same song on both sides.  
SHAGGY BOYS, THE: That's The Only Way / Behind These Stained Glass Windows (United Artists 50135, USA 196) VG(+) (promo) € 10,00
  Fab sunshine pop tune as comped on MONDO FOR FLOWER AGE and THE SUN SHINES ON MY STREET. Promo copy with same label on both sides.  
SHIFTER, HANK: Mary On The Beach / Two Of A Kind (Steed 708, USA 1968) M- € 10,00
  Scarce follow-up 45 to his "Saturday Noontime" that was comped on FADING YELLOW #6. Fantastic 2-sider! With original label sleeve.  
SINNERS, LES: Je Ne Sais Pas / Tard Il Se Fait Tard (Jupiter JP 1117, CANADA 1967) VG+ SOLD
  Excellent Quebec garage 2-sider!  
SIRS, THE: Wow / Sixteen Candles (Charay C-33, USA 196) M- SOLD
  Great TX sax/gtr instro comped on GRAB THIS AND DANCE #13. Perfect copy!  
SLOTHS, THE: Makin' Love / You Mean Everything (UT-S72, USA 2011) M-/M- € 10,00
  Reissue of this incredible sneering CA 60's punk 45. Great 12-string folk garage flip!  
SULTANS, LES: La Boheme / Vivre Sa Vie (Laniel LA-3001, CANADA 1965) EX € 10,00
  Big fave garage pop 45 by one of Quebec best known 60\B4s bands! Cheap!  
SUNDAE: The Third Decree / Livin' In Pain (Laurie LR-3595, USA 1972) M- € 10,00
  Funky Hammond psych dancer flip!  
SYNDICATE OF SOUND: Rumors / The Upper Hand (Stateside HSS 1148, HOLLAND 1966) VG/VG SOLD
  Scarce Dutch pressing of classic CA garage! The cool PS is wrinkled at the top, but still looks nice enough.  
TIU, GINNY & THE FEW: Let Me Get Through To You Baby / I've Got To Get You Off My Mind (Amaret 45-100, USA 1968) VG++ SOLD
  Charming female garage pop!  
VINCENT, GENE: Bird-Doggin' / Poor Man's Prison (Challenge 59337, USA 2011) M- SOLD
  Repro of Gene's gritty '66 garage classic!  
WILLIE AND THE RED RUBBER BAND: I'll Stay With You / Mary Jane (RCA Victor 49.616, FRANCE 1969) M-/M- SOLD
  Good TX psych garage with FUZZZ! Scarce French PS issue.  
WINKLE PICKERS, THE: Granny Goose / I Haven't Got You (Colpix CP-796, USA 1968) EX (dj) SOLD
  Excellent CA organ garage swinger!