$1.000.000 WAR BABIES: Muddy Water / You Don't Know Like I Know (Dante 5502, USA 1968) EX SOLD
  Group from Elmwood Park, Illinois that previously issued the neat jangly "Hey Little Boy" on the same Dante label. This follow-up 45 is in a much more funky soul vein, but in demand and very hard to find incl. versions of the early "Muddy Water" standard and Sam & Dave's "You Don't Know Like I Know".  
AMBERTONES: If I Do / I Need Someone (Dottie 1130, USA 1965) VG+ SOLD
  Great CA organ garage swinger! Comped on BASEMENTSVILLE U.S.A. First dark blue label pressing.  
BACK STREET JOURNAL, THE: I'm Not With You / Ain't Too Proud To Beg (Franklin FR 104, CAN 1967) EX SOLD
  Great Canadian organ/fuzz psych garage! Soulish version of the Temptations song on the B-s. Excellent copy. Scarce!  
BEA'S, THE: Nothing Can Go Wrong / International Girl (Chattahoochee CH-692, USA 1965) EX (sol/swol) € 50,00
  Great 2-sider by this LA girl group. A-s. on WHERE THE GIRLS ARE #10, while the flip appeared on REBEL KIND - GIRLS WITH GUITARS #3 and GIRLS IN THE GARAGE #8. Popular tunes in the mod/northern scene! Great copy!  
BRIDGE, THE: The Life Of A Day / A Beautiful Day (Co-Op 519, USA 1969) M- SOLD
  Great organ/fuzz psych garage with fuzz break by this Connecticut late 60's group. Record is in perfect condition.  
CHILDREN, THE: This Sporting Life / McIntosh (Dagonet DG-7, USA 1967) M- SOLD
  Punky garage screamer version of the Ian Whitcomb song by this LA 60's group. Comped on BOULDERS #5 and YA GOTTA HAVE MOXIE #1. The flipside is mellow Fading Yellow-type flower pop. Top copy!  
CHOSEN FEW, THE (I): Foolin' Around With Me / We Walk Together (Denim DS-1080, USA 1967) VG+ SOLD
  Organ garage swinger with harp comped on PSYCHEDELIC STATES - INDIANA #1. The flip is a Byrdsy folk rocker.  
CHOSEN FEW, THE (II): Another Goodbye / Forget About The Past (Power International N 872, USA 1966) M- (dj) SOLD
  Unknown moody organ garage 2-sider by this band from New Jersey. The B-s. is Beau Brummels-infl. folk-rock. Top copy! Rare!  
CREATURES INCORPORATED, THE: All About Love / Letters Of Love (Oxon Hill 1001, USA 1965) VG(+) SOLD
  Maryland 60's group.. The flip is fab Zombies-styled garage pop comped on HIGHS IN THE MID-60s #22 and FUZZ, FLAYKES & SHAKES #5. The A-s. is a rocker orig. by Larry Mack.  
CRYAN' SHAMES, THE: Up On The Roof / The Sailing Ship (CBS 3378, NL 1968) VG+/VG+ SOLD
  Unique & tuff to find Dutch PS release! The B-s. "The Sailing Ship" is fantastic trippy psych with a short bagpipe (!!) intermezzo. Originally released in the USA in '67 on Columbia. The song was covered some years ago by the Brian Jones Massacre as "Sailor".  
ERIC AND THE NORSEMEN: Get It On / Scotch And Soda (Chrome 103, USA 1967) VG SOLD
  Kansas 60's group. R&B-infl. organ punk version of the song orig. by Paul Revere & The Raiders (on their "Midnight Ride" LP). Comped on GARAGE ZONE #1 and LET'S DIG 'EM UP #2. Record looks VG, but plays better!  
EUPHORIA: Somebody Listen / Dedication Of Sally & Cher (Band Box BB 393, USA 1969) M- SOLD
  Weird protest psych with Hammond and heavy fuzz break. Group came from Colorado. Top copy!  
FABULOUS TYNSIONS 5, THE: Lone Ranger Man / Daniel Boone (Natchez-Joe NJ-101, USA 1966) VG (sol) SOLD
  Rare & uncomped 45 by this group from Alabama. Great moody rip of "Secret Agent Man" with reverb'd guitar riff. Soulish garage flip. Record plays better then it looks.  
FLOWERZ: I Need Love Now / My Sad Story (Kingston F-1967, USA 1967) M- SOLD
  PA 60's group. Cool jangly organ/guitar dancer comped on PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS b/w moody Byrdsy folk garage incl. on EASTERN P.A. #2. Perfect copy!  
GREEN GANG, THE: She Means That Much To Me / Dream Of Me (Bragg B-226, USA 1966) VG+ SOLD
  Obscure Mersey-type garage pop with organ. No clue of the band's whereabouts. Never seen this 45 before as a green label stock copy!  
H.M. SUBJECTS: Don't Put Me Down (censored) / Don't Put Me Down (uncensored) (Blue Saint 1001, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  Miami 60's group aka The Montells of "You Can't Make Me' fame! Censored and uncensored mistitled versions of The Pretty Things "Don't Bring Me Down". The suggestive word "laid" is replaced with a beep on the censored radio version. Original first pressing on the Blue Saint label. Mint copy!  
JAMES, TIM: Strange Things / Motions (Delcro 502, USA 1972) VG+ SOLD
  Introspective early 70's loner psych 2-sider by this Californian singer-songwriter. The A-s. was comped on PRAISE POEMS #5 (now, check that out!). Record looks perfect but sounds a bit hissy in places, so I downgraded it to VG+.  
KINETIC ENERGY: Susie-Q / Margaret Ann (Amy 11.028, USA 1968) EX (dh/sol) SOLD
  From Michigan. Haunting uncomped sitar psych flip! Fave! The A-s. is a mediocre version of the Dale Hawkins song. Rare stock copy with drill hole that comes with the original Bell/Amy-Mala company sleeve.  
KNIGHTS OF DAY: Everybody Needs Somebody To Love / Why Do You Treat Me So Bad (Tower 245, USA 1966) M- SOLD
  From Lakewood, CA. Great version of "Everybody Needs.." comped on PSYCHEDELIC UNKNOWNS #7 b/w nice catchy folk garage. Scarce stock copy in perfect shape.  
LOSERS, THE: I Told Her / Open Up Your Eyes (Teen 907, USA 1966) VG(+) SOLD
  Teenish "for losers only" 60 's garage lament about a guy havin' to leave his girlfriend for fightin' in the war. Very hard to find 45 by this group from Mount Healthy, Ohio. Rite pressing. Plays OK!  
M.G. & THE ESCORTS: I Can't Go On / The One Who Wants You (Reo 8960X, CAN 1966) VG+ SOLD
  Great fuzz garage by this Canadian group of "A Someday Fool" fame! Featured on the PEOPLE OF TYME comp. Rare!  
MOTLEYS, THE: Louisiana / I'll See Your Light (Riviera 121078, FR 1966) EX SOLD
  LA 60's group. Scarce French Riviera pressing of first 45 originally released in the US on Valiant. Tuff garage rocker with fab guitar break b/w dramatic folk-pop winner. Never came with a PS!  
PHILLIP, SAMY: What Is This Feeling? / It's Showtime (Infinite 2004, USA 1965) VG(+) € 65,00
  Samy Phillip aka Hirth Martinez was a Californian Sunset Strip-artist supposedly backed up by Thee Midniters on this 45. "It's Showtime" is a soulful jazzy Kim-Fowley-style gem that hasn't been picked up by many. Freaky stuff!! Record looks VG-ish, but plays fine. Rare!  
POWERS, ED: London Bound / Shadows Of Morning (Forte F 303, USA 1968) VG+ SOLD
  Rare and great 45 on the same Detroit Michigan label as The Iguanas "Mona". Haunting folk psych comped on MYSTIC MALES #2 b/w killer heavy psych featured as "Mourning" on PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE #2.  
REVOLUTION, THE: Hallelujah / Shades Of Blue (Mercury 72549, USA 1966) VG+ (dj) SOLD
  U.K. 60's group incl. Jim Capaldi and Dave Mason that was post-The Hellions and pre-Traffic. Cool Georgie Fame-type mod soul dancer with fuzz included on DOIN' THE MOD #5 b/w Mersey-styled mod beat winner also recorded by The Hellions and on THAT DRIVING BEAT #5.  
SHADOS-M: She Loves Me / You Owe Me Nothing (Colpar 1003, USA 1969) VG+ (dj) SOLD
  Obscure garage 2-sider by this combo from Blackstone, Virginia. Fuzzy break on flip!  
SHOT GUNS, THE: Full Performance / Searching (Prompt 101, USA 1967) VG(+) SOLD
  Extremely rare 60's 45 on the New Jersey-based Prompt label. Actually I have never seen another copy for sale anywhere else! The B-s. "Searching" is a soul garage version of the Coasters song with a killer guitar fuzz break! Record looks VG, but plays fine.  
SKAPEGOAT: Annabel Lee / Good Times - Bad Times (Alcee 1001/2, USA 1969) M- SOLD
  Very rare 45 on the NJ-based Alcee label by a group that according to the TBM book came from California. Found proof in a Billboard ad that this should be from 1969. The A-s. is great haunting organ folk psych. The flip is a bluesy & fuzzy take on the Jagger-Richards song.  
STANDELLS, THE: Help Youself / I'll Go Crazy (Liberty 55722, USA 1964) EX SOLD
  Early party 45 by them recorded live at Hollywood's P.J.'s. Swingin' organ/guitar version of the Jimmy Reed song b/w insane take on the James Brown song with a manic screaming Larry Tamblyn.  
STONED MACE: C-147 / Tasmania (Mace 1001, USA 1972) EX SOLD
  Privately released dark psych 45 by a group from Indiana. The B-s. "Tasmania" was featured on Numero Group's WARFARING STRANGERS comp. Little crackly flip - looks like all copies suffer from this. Rare & interesting 45!  
STRANGE, GILES: Watch The People Dance / You're Goin' Up To The Bottom (Boom BM 60.022, USA 1966) EX SOLD
  Great 2-sider by Giles Strange aka Jerry Goldstein of The Strangeloves. Big fave groovy psych dancer b/w snotty organ garage swinger. Great copy that comes with the original Boom label sleeve.  
STRINGS OF FORTUNE: Rain Girl / No One To Turn To (Ohn-J 1008/1010, USA 1966) EX SOLD
  A Plainview, TX 60's group incl. Keith McCormack of the Stringalongs. The flipside "No One To Turn To" is nice nice folk-rock garage with a Blue Things vibe. Rare!  
THOSE BOYS: The Only Girl For Me / No Good Girl (Fed 1016, USA 1967) G+ (wol) SOLD
  Great 45 from the Houston TX area. The B-s "No Good Girl" is a killer jangly folk garage gem w/ fuzz bass and was comped on PEBBLES #16. This 45 looks rough but the pops & ticks and mostly overpowered by the sound, especially on the flipside. A better copy would do 150-200 euros at least.  
UNCLE SAM & THE WAR MACHINE: Spy Girl / Hold On (Blue Onion BO-103, USA 1967) M- (dj) SOLD
  Great New England 60's 2-sider! Punky organ/guitar garage swinger comped on MAGIC CUBE b/w haunting folk garage pop on FROM THE NEW WORLD. Perfect promo copy that has a Blue Onion stamp on A-side label and sleeve and that comes with a small lyric sheet insert.  
WEST COAST POP ART EXPERIMENTAL BAND, THE: Transparent Day / Help, I'm A Rock (Reprise 0582, USA 1967) EX SOLD
  Big fave Byrdsy harpsichord folk psych pop winner by this classic LA 60's group. Don't like the Mothers of Invention flip. This promo copy is in excellent condition and comes with Reprise label sleeve. Hard to find these days!