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2ND THOUGHT, THE: When I'm In Love/If Only You'd Love Me (Gloria G-777, USA 1967) EX (dh) € 30,00
  Nice moody garage flip by this obscure group from Duluth, MN.  
3'S A CROWD: Bird Without Wings/Coat Of Colors (RCA-Victor 45-15 046, GERMANY 1967) M-/M- € 25,00
  Beautiful German-only PS edition of this Canadian psych pop 2-sider! Comped on ELECTRIC COFFEE HOUSE #2 and SOFT SOUNDS FOR GENTLE PEOPLE #2. Scarce!  
5TH GENERATION, THE: You Lied To Me/If I See Her (Fone-Booth FB-1001, USA 1968) VG+ (wol) € 75,00
  Great Massachusetts folk garage 2-sider! Comped on NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE #2. Tuff to find!  
ALIENS, THE: Love Someone/Tobacco Road (Tela-Star 1401, USA 1968) G+ € 50,00
  Great Jefferson Airplane-style heavy psych w/ fuzz by this group from Norfolk, VA. "Love Someone" was comped on ALIENS PSYCHOS AND WILD THINGS #1. Has some clicks on the intro. Flip is a great fuzz garage version of "Tobacco Road" w/ hot break! Rare!  
ALPHABETICAL ORDER, THE: Under My Thumb/My Little Red Book (Lemco LEM-4402, USA 1967) EX (wol) € 60,00
  From Louisville, KY. The B-s. is a great crude version of the song made famous by The Love! Comped on SIXTIES REBELLION #8. Nice organ-based version of The Stones song on the other side. Scarce!  
AVENGERS, THE: When It's Over/You Can't Hurt Me Anymore (F-G Records 104, USA 1965) VG+ (wol) € 35,00
  Great garage mover debut 45 by this Bakersfield, CA 60's group famous for their "Be A Caveman" follow-up 45.  
BARBARIANS, THE: Memphis Tennessee/Bo Diddley (Fermata FB-33-148, BRAZIL 1965) VG++/VG+ € 75,00
  Great & rare unique Brazilian PS 45 by this famous New England 60's group! Fab 2-sider!  
BEAGLES, THE: Him And Her/All I Need Is You (Empire 1001, USA 1964) EX € 30,00
  Great Beatlesque teen garage mover by this group from Lynchburg, VA. Scarce!  
BETTY AND KAREN: I'm Not Satisfied/Stop And Listen (MGM 61 141, GERMANY 1966) EX/VG(+) € 35,00
  One-of-a-kind German PS issue of this fab U.S. girl garage pop 2-sider!  
BLOX, THE: Say Those Magic Words/The Way I'm Gonna Be (Solar 235, USA 1967) VG+ € 40,00
  Tuff janglish version of the McCoys song b/w great surfish garage original. Group came from Houston, TX. Rare!  
BRETT: Eternity/Letter To Gloria (Har-Money DG 101, USA 1968) VG++/VG+ € 100,00
  Fantastic uncomped folk psych pop that sounds a lot like Arthur Lee & the Love! Awesome moody flip! The only 45 by this Michigan mystery guy. This 45 came with PS on the small California-based Har-Money label. Very rare!  
BUCK ROGERS MOVEMENT: Would You Believe/Baby Come Home (21st Century 601, USA 1967) VG+ (wol) € 50,00
  New Englang garage winner! The B-s. "Baby Come On" (in error on label as "Baby Come Home") was comped on RELATIVE DISTANCE, GRAVEL #1 etc. Scarce!  
CAZES, RICHARD & LES CHAMPIONS: A Quoi Bon Pleurer/Hooray Pour Sylvie (Jeunesse Franco JF-4054, CANADA 1966) M- € 25,00
  Great fuzz-filled Quebec garage version of Tommy Roe's "Hooray For Hazel". Great copy! Comes with original label sleeve.  
CHANTELLS, THE: I'm Leavin' Here Today/Break-Down (Century 20445, USA 1965) M- € 40,00
  Cool Virginia 2-sider! Moody garage ballad b/w frat garage with manic vocals, farfisa organ, heavy drums, sax and guitar. Rare 45 on the collectable Century label.  
CHOSEN FEW, THE: Why Can't I Love Her/La La La La La (Co-Op 510, USA 1967) VG++ € 25,00
  Nice Connecticut garage 2-sider! The B-s is a version of The Blendells song.  
CLIQUE, THE: Splash 1/Stay By Me (Scepter SCE-12202, USA 1967) EX (dh) € 30,00
  Haunting version of the 13th Fl. Elevators song by this Texas 60's group. Cool garage pop flip too! On ENDLESS JOURNEY #1.  
COLLAGE, THE: Driftin'/Any Day's A Sunday Afternoon (Smash S-2150, USA 1967) VG++/VG(+) € 35,00
  Los Angeles 60's group. Promo 45 with a lovely Fading Yellow-type sunshine pop flipside! Comes with the scarce PS.  
COURT JESTERS, THE: Come Tonight/Baby Come Home (Roulette R-4718, USA 1967) M- (dj) € 25,00
  Great uncomped garage 2-sider by this unknown NY 60's group. Top copy!  
CYRKLE, THE: Turn-Down Day/Big Little Woman (CBS 2246, NL 1966) EX/EX € 25,00
  Great 2-sider by this NY 60's group. Fab Left Banke-ish sitar psych pop b/w cool organ garage pop. Scarce Dutch PS pressing.  
DANNY & THE SESSIONS: Mojo/Grand Times & Gay Nights (Cobra CO-1114, USA 1965) VG+ € 40,00
  Crude TX R&B organ punker with tuff gtr break! Comped on GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS #7. Scarce!  
DEE, RONNIE AND THE STANDARD MEN: If I Could Start My Life Again/About My Love (Gateway 385, USA 1965) M- € 25,00
  Unknown teen-ish organ/guitar garage 45 by this obscure combo from Pittsburgh, PA. Not mentioned in the TBM book. Rare!  
DENIMS, THE: Salty Dog/Salty Dog Man (Cavort 122-332/3, USA 1966) EX/EX € 35,00
  Fab org-gtr-harp "boogalooo" garage dancer! Excellent copy that comes with the hard to find group PS.  
DENMARKS, THE: Sweet Dreams/Pretty Lies (Clevetown 260, USA 1966) VG+ € 75,00
  Very rare 45 by this Cleveland OH 60's group. The B-s. "Pretty Lies" is fab jangly folk garage! Uncomped!  
DILLONS, THE: Simple Way Of Living/Night Winds (Impression 101, USA 1965) VG+ (dj) (xol) € 30,00
  Great CA folk garage mover! Comped on TURN TO STONE #2. Scarce!  
DINKS, THE: Nina-Kocka-Nina/Penny A Tear Drop (Sully 914, USA 1965) EX € 25,00
  Kansas 60΄s grp. Demented frat garage with strange Asian accented vocals b/w jangly org-gtr folk garage. On MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST #4, MADNESS INVASION, ACID VISIONS #3, THE BIG ITCH etc.  
DOOMSDAY MACHINE: Ain't Nobody Else/Toe Nails (Dot C006-90 086, GERMANY 1969) M-/VG+ (rw) € 35,00
  Great Anglo-esque psych by this late 60's Ontario group. Scarce German PS release. Comped on RUBBLE #18.  
DUE EAST: Born To Reason/You Won't Catch Me Dreamin' (Ozone HV-10001, USA 1970) VG+/VG+ € 35,00
  Dreamy psych with a country twist by this obscure Michigan group. According to the Catalog of Copyright Entries this is from 1970. Scarce 45 that comes with a cool hard cover PS.  
ELECTRIC PRUNES, THE: Sell/Violent Rose (Reprise RA 0833, GERMANY 1969) M-/VG+ € 30,00
  Scarce German-only PS issue of one of their later line-up 45's. "Violent Rose" is good trippy psych, while "Sell" is in a more heavier Steppenwolf style.  
ERIC & THE CHESSMEN: You Don't Want My Loving/Blue Skies (Kama 777, USA 1966) VG (wol) € 35,00
  Crude NY frat garage swinger! Comped on SIXTIES REBELLION #5 - THE CAVE and BEST OF TWIST-A-RAMA. A bit noisy especially at the intro but otherwise nice! I will supply a photocopy of the rare PS.  
FLOWER POT, THE: Mr. Zig Zag Man/Black Moto (Vault 935, USA 1967) M- € 25,00
  Groovy sitar psych pop by this Los Angeles session grp incl. Mike Deasy (The Wrecking Crew). Scarce and non-comp!  
FORD, JIMMY AND THE LUZERS: Deathhouse Lament/Good Times Have Come And Gone (My 2914, USA 1967) EX € 30,00
  Moody Arkansas folk garage 45 on the My label about an innocent guy sentenced to death....haunting!  
FRANKIE AND THE UPSETTERS: The Kind Of Love I Need/Hideaway (University Artist UVA-8801, USA 1965) EX (xol/lt) € 40,00
  Harp-wailin' folk garage b/w great garage pop thumper that is NOT the DDDBM&T song! Tuff to find & non-comp Louisiana 60's 45!  
FRATERNITY OF MAN: Don't Bogart Me/Wispy Paisley Skies (Stateside 5C 006-91496, NL 1970) EX/VG+ € 35,00
  Very hard to find Dutch-only PS issue of this 45 by the Los Angeles "Easy Rider" group incl. ex-members of Lowell George & The Factory. The B-s. "Wispy Paisley Skies" is fab folk psych comped on ELECTRIC PSYCHEDELIC SITAR HEADSWIRLERS #1 and SOFT SOUNDS FOR GENTLE PEOPLE #5.  
GANTS, THE: Bad Boy/You've Got To Hide Your Love Away/Road Runner/Out Of Sight (Liberty EL 65051, MEXICO 1965) VG++/VG+ (wobc) € 75,00
  Very rare Mexican EP by this great Mississippi 60's garage grp! Wild versions of The Beatles' "Bad Boy" and Pretty Things/Bo Diddley's "Road Runner".  
GANTS, THE: Road Runner/Stormy Weather (RCA Victor FC-5 5018, BRAZIL 1966) VG+/VG+ € 125,00
  Super rare Brazilian PS issue of their great "Road Runner" debut single. Has the moody "Stormy Weather" as the alternate flipside!  
GEARS, THE: Feel Right/Explanation (Hillside 1001, USA 1968) M- € 25,00
  Great jangly Ohio organ garage 2-sider. "Explanation" was comped on the DIE TODAY CD. Perfect copy!  
GORILLAMEN, THE: Folly Molly/Pretty Picture (Whiz MR-1002, USA 1965) M- € 25,00
  Cool Texas 2-sider! Harp-wailin' folk garage b/w jangly folk pop!  
GRETTA SPOONE BAND, THE: I Do Believe You're Dreaming/Close Your Eyes (London 5.659, BELGIUM 1969) M-/M- € 75,00
  Hard to believe thqat such an obscure Texas 60's 45 ends up as a Belgian pressing! Wonderful folky psych pop 2-sider by the group that previously recorded as The Rain Kings! Check out the band's story on the Garagehangover website! Perfect copy!  
GRUVE, THE: Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody/You're Gonna Love Me (Liberty 56034, USA 1968) M- € 25,00
  Cool mod soul garage swinger by this Michigan ex-Tidal Waves 60's group!  
GUESS WHO?, THE: Believe Me/Baby Feelin' (CNR A 9039, NL 1966) VG++/VG+ (swoc) € 100,00
  Very hard to find Dutch-only PS edition of this fantastic Canadian 60's garage 2-sider!  
GUESS WHO?, THE: Clock On The Wall/One Day (CNR A 9041, NL 1966) VG(+) € 25,00
  Dutch pressing of this Canadian 60's monster 45! Fab moody flip too! No original PS, but will supply a photocopy.  
GUILD, THE: You Can See The Trees [But Not The Forest]/Who'd Ever Thought (Philips 40403, USA 1966) VG++/EX (promo/xol) € 30,00
  Great folk psych with cool harmonies and oriental-type guitar playing by this NY 60's group that became The Split Level. Surprisingly non comp! Hard to find promo copy with PS!  
HI-NOON'S, THE: It's Our World/Want It To Last (Hi-Noon HN-100-1/2, USA 1970) M- € 25,00
  Ultra moody Louisiana low key garage 2-sider! The B-s. "Want It To Last" is a haunting SHUTDOWN '66-type ballad with fuzz!  
HOLY MACKEREL, THE: Scorpio Red/The Lady Is Waiting (Reprise 0797, USA 1968) M- (promo) € 30,00
  Great psych 45 by this short-lived Los Angeles 60's grp. "Scorpio Red" was comped on FADING YELLOW #2, but the flip is cool too! Comes with original label sleeve.  
HOOKS, CHESTER AND THE VIBRANTS: Long Route Home/60 Seconds (Knoll 168, USA 1966) EX € 35,00
  PA 60's group. Crude garage rocker b/w fine garage jangler! Scarce!  
HUNTINGTONS, THE: I Told The World/You Better Mend Your Ways (Wasp WR-106, USA 1967) M- € 25,00
  Cool organ-gtr-tambourine garage 45 by this obscure WA 60's grp. On TRIP IN TYME #4.  
JADES LTD., THE: Last Chance/You're Not There (Tower 366, USA 1967) VG (promo) € 20,00
  Great uncomped NY organ garage stomper!  
JAY-BEES, THE: Good Times/Tossin' & Turnin' (Cozy 581, USA 1968) M- € 50,00
  Crude version of The Stones "Good Times" by this OH 60's grp. Killer fuzz break! Comped on GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS #3. Rare!  
JOHN & PAUL: I'm Walkin'/People Say (Tip Records 1021, USA 1965) M- € 20,00
  Fab CA garage pop 2-sider!  
KEETIE AND THE KATS: Way Out/Crossties (Huron 22007, USA 1961) VG+ € 25,00
  Fantastic sax-gtr-org instro 2-sider by this Indiana early 60's grp! "Way Out" was comped on DANCEHALL STRINGBUSTERS #2. Scarce!  
KEITH: Tell Me To My Face/I Can't Go Wrong (Mercury 127 264 MCF, NL 1967) M-/M- € 50,00
  Super rare Dutch PS issue of this great Middle East-infl. psych pop dancer! Never had this before! Top copy!  
KING, RONNIE AND THE PASSIONS: I'll Never Be Free/Girl Break Away (Gateway 786, USA 1965) VG+ € 35,00
  PA 60's grp. The B-s. "Girl Break Away" is a crude organ punker comped on WYLD SYDES #4 and CONQUER THE WORLD #1. Scarce!  
KNICKERBOCKERS, THE: One Track Mind/I Must Be Doing Something Wrong (London HL 10 035, NL 1966) EX/EX € 75,00
  Dutch-only PS issue of this classic 60's garage gem! Top copy! Rare!  
KNIGHT, TERRY AND THE PACK: Better Man Than I/Got Love (Lucky Eleven 226, USA 1966) M- € 25,00
  Great versions of these classic Yardbirds/Kinks songs by this Michigan 60's grp. Top copy!  
LADD, GAYLAN: Think About Me/Her Loving Way (MGM K13435, USA 1965) VG € 25,00
  Great 45 by this Texas guy aka Gaylan Latimer. The B-s. "Her Loving Way" is wild sneering garage punk! On GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS #5, HIGHS #23 etc. Original label sleeve. Plays fine!  
LAREY, PEGGY: Foggy/Someday When You Fall In Love (VMC V718, USA 1968) EX/VG+ € 30,00
  Haunting baroque folk pop 45 by this California 60's girl! Comes with the rare PS.  
LEE, BARRY: Make It/Things Gotta To Change (Redda no#, USA 1964) VG(+) € 25,00
  Hard to find Ohio 60's 45 by the same guy who recorded as Barry Lee & The Actions. Great garage pop w/ doo-wop influences b/w tuff mersey-ish garage beat. Rite pressing (13143/4).  
LEFT BANKE, THE: Pretty Ballerina/Lazy Day (Philips 320 239 BF, SPAIN 1967) EX/EX € 35,00
  Hard to find Spanish PS issue of this classic baroque folk psych pop gem!  
LEFT BANKE, THE: Walk Away Renιe/I Haven't Got The Nerve (Philips 320 230 BF, NL 1967) EX/EX € 35,00
  Great Dutch PS copy of this amazing U.S. baroque folk psych 2-sider!  
LIMEYS, THE: Silly Little Girl/Sweet Sweet Loves (Coulee 116, USA 1965) M- € 50,00
  Great Holly-ish teen garage 2-sider by this obscure Wisconsin 60's band. Fave!  
LIVELY ONES, THE: Hey Scrounge/Night And Day (Smash S-1880, USA 1964) M- (dj) € 35,00
  Great California 60's surf sax/gtr instro 2-sider! On SURFERS MOOD #3. Scarce!  
LIVIN' END, THE: Move Me/Time To Leave (Murco 1054, USA 1968) M- € 60,00
  Louisiana 60's grp. Cool organ/fuzz garage wailer b/w funky garage pop mover. Rarely seen!  
LUNDONS, THE: I Love You So/It's Gonna Be All Right (Tiki 15859, USA 1966) VG(+) € 35,00
  Crude garage 2-sider by this group from St. Louis, Missouri. The B-s. was comped on ESSENTIAL PEBBLES #2. Rare!  
LUV-LITES, THE: Where It's At/Born In Chicago (Op-Art OPA 1001/2, CANADA 1966) VG+ € 50,00
  Toronto 60's grp. Groovy Hammond mod instro with fuzz gtr break b/w ripping version of the Paul Butterfield blues song!  
M.H. ROYALS: Tomorrow's Dread/She's Gone Forever (ABC 10907, USA 1967) M- (promo) € 35,00
  Cool jangly garage mover by this Chicago 60's band! Top copy!  
MAJESTIC FIVE, THEE: My Sweet Baby/The Belly Dance Beat (Marco Records no#, USA 1969) EX/EX € 75,00
  Very obscure CA late 60's 45 by this Filipino grp. The A-s. is great garage w/ fuzz! Comes in oversized PS. This was listed in the TBM-book under the name of Buddy Peters (one of the band members). Rare!  
ME AND THE GUYS: I Can't Take It/Why Can't You Be True (Pla Me 101, USA 1966) G (wol) € 25,00
  Killer Ohio garage 2-sider! Comped on QUAGMIRE, PSYCH STATES - OHIO #2 etc. This copy is not in the best condition and plays with hiss (check the audioclips), but therefor is cheap!  
MEEHAN PROJECT, DON: House In The Country/Love City (Columbia 4-44791, USA 1969) M- € 25,00
  Great late 60's psych pop as comped on FADING YELLOW #11. Comes in original label sleeve.  
MERRY-GO-ROUND, THE: She Laughed Loud/Had To Run Around (A&M SAM 509, FRANCE 1967) M-/M- € 35,00
  Beautiful French PS 45 of this great psych folk pop 2-sider by CA 60's grp incl. Emitt Rhodes.  
MILLION-AIRS, LES: J'etais Son Copain/Sois Fidθle (London FC 744, CANADA 1966) M- € 50,00
  Wild '66 Quebec garage punker! Surprisingly this has never been on a comp! Top copy!  
MONCKENMIER ENSEMBLE, THE: Golden Wings/Cry The Rain Down (Sonoplay SN-20.021, SPAIN 1967) M-/VG+ € 50,00
  Unknown Spanish-only 45 by this NY 60's group! The B-s. "Cry the Rain Down" is a true psych garage winner! RARE!!  
MUSIC MACHINE, THE: Talk Talk/Come On In (Original Sound OS-61, USA 1966) M-/M- € 35,00
  Top copy of this classic US 60's garage 2-sider that comes with the original die-cut PS!  
MYSTERIES, THE: Please Agree/I Find It's True Love (Manhattan 815, USA 1967) M- € 40,00
  Great Florida psych garage w/ fuzz & swirling organ! On PSYCH STATES - FLORIDA #1. Scarce!  
NIK OF TYME: Unreal Dream/Storm Within (DeVille 200, USA 1968) M- € 50,00
  Great moody California garage 2-sider! Uncomped & rare!  
NU-COACHMEN, THE: She Doesn't Love Me Anymore/A Letter From Margie (Reading 16001, USA 1966) VG € 25,00
  Crude PA organ-sax frat garage!  
O'DELL, KENNY: Beautiful People/Flower Girl/Sunshine Dreaming/You'll Break Me Yet (Gamma GX 07-477, MEXICO 1967) VG+/VG++ (swoc) € 25,00
  Rare Mexican EP by this US singer/songwriter. "Flower Girl" was comped on MYSTIC MALES. "Sunshine Dreaming" and "You΄ll Break Me Yet" are otherwise only on his debut-LP "Beautiful People".  
ORIGINALS, THE: Pretend It's All Right/Now's The Time (Raynard 10039, USA 1965) VG++ € 40,00
  Obscure WI organ-guitar garage mover!  
OUTCASTS, THE: I Found Out About You/I Can't Get Through To You (Karate 531, NL 1966) VG(+)/EX € 75,00
  Rare Dutch PS issue of this tuff CA organ-gtr fuzz garage mover! Comped on LET'S DIG 'EM UP!  
PARROTS, THE: They All Got Carried Away/Hey, Put The Clock Back On The Wall (Mala 558, USA 1967) VG+ € 25,00
  The B-s. "Hey, Put The Clock Back..." is great psych pop comped on PSYCH UNKNOWNS #4.  
POORE BOYES, THE: Give/It's Love (Summer 181, USA 1966) VG(+) € 35,00
  Great Minnesota 60's 2-sider! Haunting garage ballad b/w jangly folk garage w/ harp break. On DESTINATION FRANTIC #3, IT'S BOSS MAN! #2. Scarce!  
REVERES, THE: Big "T"/Me And My Spyder (Valiant 6041, USA 1964) VG(+) (promo) € 25,00
  Great vocal hot rod 2-sider! Actually famous duo Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher!  
RHYTHM KINGS: Border Town/The Soul (London 5.402, BELGIUM 1963) M- € 30,00
  Great exotic surf 'n' soul by CA 60's grp aka Al Garcia & The Rhythm Kings! Scarce Belgian pressing.  
ROMAN CINQ, TONY: Hey, Hey, Hey/Personne Sauf Toi (Canusa C-301, CANADA 1966) VG+ € 25,00
  Wyld uncomped Quebec garage swinger! Comes with original Canusa label sleeve. Scarce!  
ROYCE, BENNY & COMPANY: Since You Set Me Free/Drivin' My Love Away (Delmar 4975, USA 1966) VG+ € 40,00
  Obscure 45 by this group from Dover, DE. Brisk moody garage b/w crude org-gtr garage mover. Scarce!  
SANDERS, LARRY: Child Of December/Fate (Stone Head Records 82071, USA 1971) M-/M- € 60,00
  Great psych solo 45 by ex-member of Ohio 60's grp The Lime. Comes with rare PS.  
SENDERS, THE: She Told Me/Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (IGL 149, USA 1967) M- € 40,00
  Great Iowa 60's 2-sider! Moody jangly garage b/w good version of the Standells song. On MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST #3 and BEST OF I.G.L. Perfect copy!  
SHANNON, DEL: Under My Thumb/She Was Mine (Liberty LIB 55904, NL 1966) EX/EX € 35,00
  Scarce Dutch PS issue of one of Del's fab mid-60's 45 incl. a great version of "Under My Thumb" and the awesome "She Was Mine".  
SINNERS, THE: I Like The Look Of You/You Don't Love Me (Mercury 72388, USA 1965) M- (dj) € 35,00
  CA 60's group. Jangly mersey-ish garage b/w cool fuzz garage version of the Tommy Raye song also recorded by Gary Walker a.o.  
STRATONES, LES: Petite Soeur/Laisse-Moi Petite Fille (Loir LO-8301, CANADA 1967) VG++ € 50,00
  Great uncomped Quebec fuzz garage swinger! Comes with original albel sleeve. Rare one!  
SUNDAE FUNNIES, THE: Get Out Of My Life Woman/Tell Me (Dad's Records 503, USA 1967) M- € 35,00
  Great soul garage 45 by this group from Nebraska, formerly known as The Dynamic Impacts! Single has new band name stickers pasted on label. Comes with a photocopy of the original PS that still mentions the former group name.  
T.C. ATLANTIC: Twenty Years Ago [In Speedy's Kitchen]/I'm So Glad (Candy Floss CF 101, USA 1968) VG++ € 25,00
  Later 45 by this famous Minnesota 60's grp. the B-s. "I'm So Glad" is great anglo-esque garage pop!  
TERRIFICS, THE: On The Sea Shore/Lover's Plea (Fig Records F-301, USA 1968) EX € 60,00
  Great crude soulish org-gtr garage w/ fuzz & screams by this group from Ashland, KY. On SIXTIES REBELLION #3 - THE AUDITORIUM. Rare!  
THORNS, THE: Protector Of My Beautiful Rose/I'm Talking About Yesterday (Frankie 137, BELGIUM 1968) VG++/VG (cc) € 50,00
  Rare Belgian PS of this rare U.S. 60's grp 45 originally released on the NY-based Sceneville label. Soulish garage w/ lots of brass! Corner cut on the PS.  
TROLLS, THE: Something Here Inside/Laughing All The Way (ABC 10884, USA 1966) VG+ (promo/xol) € 20,00
  Chicago 60's grp. Fab melodic pop beat 2-sider. "Something Here Inside" was comped on GRAVEL #4. Comes with original company sleeve.  
TROPHIES, THE: Baby Doesn't Live Here Anymore/Everywhere I Go (Kapp K-714, USA 1965) EX (dj) (wol) € 25,00
  Fab harp-wailin' garage thumper by this group from Brattleboro, VT. On LOST GENERATION #3. Comes with orig. company sleeve.  
VIBRATIONS, THE: Now I'm Sorry/Let It Be Me (TSRC 1767, USA 1967) VG+ € 40,00
  Great unknown org-gtr garage pop swinger! Group most like came from South Carolina.  
VILLAGE GREEN: Natural Day/Visions Of Reality (Bar Harbor 101, USA 1967) EX € 50,00
  Rare & rather unknown New England psych 2-sider!  
VILLIANS, THE: Love Is The Treasure/Midnight Hour (Bullet 11008, USA 1967) VG++ € 75,00
  Fab moody Indiana garage 45! Flip is a fast ravin' version of the Sam & Dave song w/ tuff gtr break! Very rare!  
WALLFLOWERS: No Love Today/The Kind Of Love (Ridon 855, USA 1967) EX € 50,00
  Cool & obscure Oregon 2-sider. Byrdsy folk garage b/w catchy garage pop. Scarce!  
WANDERERS FIVE, THE: She Was Good To Me/Treat Me Right (Amber AMB-103, USA 1966) M- € 60,00
  Haunting NJ org-gtr garage! "Treat Me Right" was incl. on DIE TODAY comp. Top copy!  
WIND IN THE WILLOWS, THE: Moments Spent/Friendly Lion (Capitol K 23 948, GERMANY 1968) M-/VG++ € 40,00
  Rare German PS issue of this great NY folk psych 45 by group incl. Debbie Harry (Blondie).  
YOUNG GENERATION, THE: And It Hurts/Don't Be Nice To Me (Falstaff F-1066, USA 1966) VG++ € 30,00
  Scarce Chicago 60's 45. The B-s. is great garage w/ sneering vocals & cool gtr break! On BASEMENTSVILLE U.S.A.  
YOUNG SAVAGES, THE: I Love You Oh So Much/Welcome To My World (Dynamic Sound 2007, USA 1967) M- € 75,00
  Rare & non-comp Chicago org-gtr garage beat swinger! Great copy!