2ND THOUGHT, THE: When I'm In Love / If Only You'd Love Me (Gloria G-777, USA 1967) EX (dh) € 30,00
  Nice moody garage flip by this obscure group from Duluth, MN.  
3'S A CROWD: Bird Without Wings / Coat Of Colors (RCA-Victor 45-15 046, GERMANY 1967) M-/M- SOLD
  Beautiful German-only PS edition of this Canadian psych pop 2-sider! Comped on ELECTRIC COFFEE HOUSE #2 and SOFT SOUNDS FOR GENTLE PEOPLE #2. Scarce!  
5TH GENERATION, THE: You Lied To Me / If I See Her (Fone-Booth FB-1001, USA 1968) VG+ (wol) € 75,00
  Great Massachusetts folk garage 2-sider! Comped on NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE #2. Tuff to find!  
ALIENS, THE: Love Someone / Tobacco Road (Tela-Star 1401, USA 1968) G+ SOLD
  Great Jefferson Airplane-style heavy psych w/ fuzz by this group from Norfolk, VA. "Love Someone" was comped on ALIENS PSYCHOS AND WILD THINGS #1. Has some clicks on the intro. Flip is a great fuzz garage version of "Tobacco Road" w/ hot break! Rare!  
ALPHABETICAL ORDER, THE: Under My Thumb / My Little Red Book (Lemco LEM-4402, USA 1967) EX (wol) SOLD
  From Louisville, KY. The B-s. is a great crude version of the song made famous by The Love! Comped on SIXTIES REBELLION #8. Nice organ-based version of The Stones song on the other side. Scarce!  
AVENGERS, THE: When It's Over / You Can't Hurt Me Anymore (F-G Records 104, USA 1965) VG+ (wol) SOLD
  Great garage mover debut 45 by this Bakersfield, CA 60's group famous for their "Be A Caveman" follow-up 45.  
BARBARIANS, THE: Memphis Tennessee / Bo Diddley (Fermata FB-33-148, BRAZIL 1965) VG++/VG+ SOLD
  Great & rare unique Brazilian PS 45 by this famous New England 60's group! Fab 2-sider!  
BEAGLES, THE: Him And Her / All I Need Is You (Empire 1001, USA 1964) EX SOLD
  Great Beatlesque teen garage mover by this group from Lynchburg, VA. Scarce!  
BETTY AND KAREN: I'm Not Satisfied / Stop And Listen (MGM 61 141, GERMANY 1966) EX/VG(+) SOLD
  One-of-a-kind German PS issue of this fab U.S. girl garage pop 2-sider!  
BLOX, THE: Say Those Magic Words / The Way I'm Gonna Be (Solar 235, USA 1967) VG+ SOLD
  Tuff janglish version of the McCoys song b/w great surfish garage original. Group came from Houston, TX. Rare!  
BRETT: Eternity / Letter To Gloria (Har-Money DG 101, USA 1968) VG++/VG+ SOLD
  Fantastic uncomped folk psych pop that sounds a lot like Arthur Lee & the Love! Awesome moody flip! The only 45 by this Michigan mystery guy. This 45 came with PS on the small California-based Har-Money label. Very rare!  
BUCK ROGERS MOVEMENT: Would You Believe / Baby Come Home (21st Century 601, USA 1967) VG+ (wol) SOLD
  New Englang garage winner! The B-s. "Baby Come On" (in error on label as "Baby Come Home") was comped on RELATIVE DISTANCE, GRAVEL #1 etc. Scarce!  
CAZES, RICHARD & LES CHAMPIONS: A Quoi Bon Pleurer / Hooray Pour Sylvie (Jeunesse Franco JF-4054, CANADA 1966) M- € 25,00
  Great fuzz-filled Quebec garage version of Tommy Roe's "Hooray For Hazel". Great copy! Comes with original label sleeve.  
CHANTELLS, THE: I'm Leavin' Here Today / Break-Down (Century 20445, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  Cool Virginia 2-sider! Moody garage ballad b/w frat garage with manic vocals, farfisa organ, heavy drums, sax and guitar. Rare 45 on the collectable Century label.  
CHOSEN FEW, THE: Why Can't I Love Her / La La La La La (Co-Op 510, USA 1967) VG++ € 25,00
  Nice Connecticut garage 2-sider! The B-s is a version of The Blendells song.  
CLIQUE, THE: Splash 1 / Stay By Me (Scepter SCE-12202, USA 1967) EX (dh) SOLD
  Haunting version of the 13th Fl. Elevators song by this Texas 60's group. Cool garage pop flip too! On ENDLESS JOURNEY #1.  
COLLAGE, THE: Driftin' / Any Day's A Sunday Afternoon (Smash S-2150, USA 1967) VG++/VG(+) € 35,00
  Los Angeles 60's group. Promo 45 with a lovely Fading Yellow-type sunshine pop flipside! Comes with the scarce PS.  
COURT JESTERS, THE: Come Tonight / Baby Come Home (Roulette R-4718, USA 1967) M- (dj) SOLD
  Great uncomped garage 2-sider by this unknown NY 60's group. Top copy!  
CYRKLE, THE: Turn-Down Day / Big Little Woman (CBS 2246, NL 1966) EX/EX SOLD
  Great 2-sider by this NY 60's group. Fab Left Banke-ish sitar psych pop b/w cool organ garage pop. Scarce Dutch PS pressing.  
DANNY & THE SESSIONS: Mojo / Grand Times & Gay Nights (Cobra CO-1114, USA 1965) VG+ SOLD
  Crude TX R&B organ punker with tuff gtr break! Comped on GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS #7. Scarce!  
DEE, RONNIE AND THE STANDARD MEN: If I Could Start My Life Again / About My Love (Gateway 385, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  Unknown teen-ish organ/guitar garage 45 by this obscure combo from Pittsburgh, PA. Not mentioned in the TBM book. Rare!  
DENIMS, THE: Salty Dog / Salty Dog Man (Cavort 122-332/3, USA 1966) EX/EX € 35,00
  Fab org-gtr-harp "boogalooo" garage dancer! Excellent copy that comes with the hard to find group PS.  
DENMARKS, THE: Sweet Dreams / Pretty Lies (Clevetown 260, USA 1966) VG+ SOLD
  Very rare 45 by this Cleveland OH 60's group. The B-s. "Pretty Lies" is fab jangly folk garage! Uncomped!  
DILLONS, THE: Simple Way Of Living / Night Winds (Impression 101, USA 1965) VG+ (dj) (xol) SOLD
  Great CA folk garage mover! Comped on TURN TO STONE #2. Scarce!  
DINKS, THE: Nina-Kocka-Nina / Penny A Tear Drop (Sully 914, USA 1965) EX SOLD
  Kansas 60\B4s grp. Demented frat garage with strange Asian accented vocals b/w jangly org-gtr folk garage. On MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST #4, MADNESS INVASION, ACID VISIONS #3, THE BIG ITCH etc.  
DOOMSDAY MACHINE: Ain't Nobody Else / Toe Nails (Dot C006-90 086, GERMANY 1969) M-/VG+ (rw) € 35,00
  Great Anglo-esque psych by this late 60's Ontario group. Scarce German PS release. Comped on RUBBLE #18.  
DUE EAST: Born To Reason / You Won't Catch Me Dreamin' (Ozone HV-10001, USA 1970) VG+/VG+ SOLD
  Dreamy psych with a country twist by this obscure Michigan group. According to the Catalog of Copyright Entries this is from 1970. Scarce 45 that comes with a cool hard cover PS.  
ELECTRIC PRUNES, THE: Sell / Violent Rose (Reprise RA 0833, GERMANY 1969) M-/VG+ € 30,00
  Scarce German-only PS issue of one of their later line-up 45's. "Violent Rose" is good trippy psych, while "Sell" is in a more heavier Steppenwolf style.  
ERIC & THE CHESSMEN: You Don't Want My Loving / Blue Skies (Kama 777, USA 1966) VG (wol) SOLD
  Crude NY frat garage swinger! Comped on SIXTIES REBELLION #5 - THE CAVE and BEST OF TWIST-A-RAMA. A bit noisy especially at the intro but otherwise nice! I will supply a photocopy of the rare PS.  
FLOWER POT, THE: Mr. Zig Zag Man / Black Moto (Vault 935, USA 1967) M- SOLD
  Groovy sitar psych pop by this Los Angeles session grp incl. Mike Deasy (The Wrecking Crew). Scarce and non-comp!  
FORD, JIMMY AND THE LUZERS: Deathhouse Lament / Good Times Have Come And Gone (My 2914, USA 1967) EX SOLD
  Moody Arkansas folk garage 45 on the My label about an innocent guy sentenced to death....haunting!  
FRANKIE AND THE UPSETTERS: The Kind Of Love I Need / Hideaway (University Artist UVA-8801, USA 1965) EX (xol/lt) SOLD
  Harp-wailin' folk garage b/w great garage pop thumper that is NOT the DDDBM&T song! Tuff to find & non-comp Louisiana 60's 45!  
FRATERNITY OF MAN: Don't Bogart Me / Wispy Paisley Skies (Stateside 5C 006-91496, NL 1970) EX/VG+ SOLD
  Very hard to find Dutch-only PS issue of this 45 by the Los Angeles "Easy Rider" group incl. ex-members of Lowell George & The Factory. The B-s. "Wispy Paisley Skies" is fab folk psych comped on ELECTRIC PSYCHEDELIC SITAR HEADSWIRLERS #1 and SOFT SOUNDS FOR GENTLE PEOPLE #5.  
GANTS, THE: Bad Boy / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away / Road Runner / Out Of Sight (Liberty EL 65051, MEXICO 1965) VG++/VG+ (wobc) € 75,00
  Very rare Mexican EP by this great Mississippi 60's garage grp! Wild versions of The Beatles' "Bad Boy" and Pretty Things/Bo Diddley's "Road Runner".  
GANTS, THE: Road Runner / Stormy Weather (RCA Victor FC-5 5018, BRAZIL 1966) VG+/VG+ € 125,00
  Super rare Brazilian PS issue of their great "Road Runner" debut single. Has the moody "Stormy Weather" as the alternate flipside!  
GEARS, THE: Feel Right / Explanation (Hillside 1001, USA 1968) M- SOLD
  Great jangly Ohio organ garage 2-sider. "Explanation" was comped on the DIE TODAY CD. Perfect copy!  
GORILLAMEN, THE: Folly Molly / Pretty Picture (Whiz MR-1002, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  Cool Texas 2-sider! Harp-wailin' folk garage b/w jangly folk pop!  
GRETTA SPOONE BAND, THE: I Do Believe You're Dreaming / Close Your Eyes (London 5.659, BELGIUM 1969) M-/M- SOLD
  Hard to believe thqat such an obscure Texas 60's 45 ends up as a Belgian pressing! Wonderful folky psych pop 2-sider by the group that previously recorded as The Rain Kings! Check out the band's story on the Garagehangover website! Perfect copy!  
GRUVE, THE: Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody / You're Gonna Love Me (Liberty 56034, USA 1968) M- SOLD
  Cool mod soul garage swinger by this Michigan ex-Tidal Waves 60's group!  
GUESS WHO?, THE: Believe Me / Baby Feelin' (CNR A 9039, NL 1966) VG++/VG+ (swoc) SOLD
  Very hard to find Dutch-only PS edition of this fantastic Canadian 60's garage 2-sider!  
GUESS WHO?, THE: Clock On The Wall / One Day (CNR A 9041, NL 1966) VG(+) SOLD
  Dutch pressing of this Canadian 60's monster 45! Fab moody flip too! No original PS, but will supply a photocopy.  
GUILD, THE: You Can See The Trees [But Not The Forest] / Who'd Ever Thought (Philips 40403, USA 1966) VG++/EX (promo/xol) SOLD
  Great folk psych with cool harmonies and oriental-type guitar playing by this NY 60's group that became The Split Level. Surprisingly non comp! Hard to find promo copy with PS!  
HI-NOON'S, THE: It's Our World / Want It To Last (Hi-Noon HN-100-1/2, USA 1970) M- SOLD
  Ultra moody Louisiana low key garage 2-sider! The B-s. "Want It To Last" is a haunting SHUTDOWN '66-type ballad with fuzz!  
HOLY MACKEREL, THE: Scorpio Red / The Lady Is Waiting (Reprise 0797, USA 1968) M- (promo) SOLD
  Great psych 45 by this short-lived Los Angeles 60's grp. "Scorpio Red" was comped on FADING YELLOW #2, but the flip is cool too! Comes with original label sleeve.  
HOOKS, CHESTER AND THE VIBRANTS: Long Route Home / 60 Seconds (Knoll 168, USA 1966) EX SOLD
  PA 60's group. Crude garage rocker b/w fine garage jangler! Scarce!  
HUNTINGTONS, THE: I Told The World / You Better Mend Your Ways (Wasp WR-106, USA 1967) M- SOLD
  Cool organ-gtr-tambourine garage 45 by this obscure WA 60's grp. On TRIP IN TYME #4.  
JADES LTD., THE: Last Chance / You're Not There (Tower 366, USA 1967) VG (promo) € 20,00
  Great uncomped NY organ garage stomper!  
JAY-BEES, THE: Good Times / Tossin' & Turnin' (Cozy 581, USA 1968) M- SOLD
  Crude version of The Stones "Good Times" by this OH 60's grp. Killer fuzz break! Comped on GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS #3. Rare!  
JOHN & PAUL: I'm Walkin' / People Say (Tip Records 1021, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  Fab CA garage pop 2-sider!  
KEETIE AND THE KATS: Way Out / Crossties (Huron 22007, USA 1961) VG+ SOLD
  Fantastic sax-gtr-org instro 2-sider by this Indiana early 60's grp! "Way Out" was comped on DANCEHALL STRINGBUSTERS #2. Scarce!  
KEITH: Tell Me To My Face / I Can't Go Wrong (Mercury 127 264 MCF, NL 1967) M-/M- € 50,00
  Super rare Dutch PS issue of this great Middle East-infl. psych pop dancer! Never had this before! Top copy!  
KING, RONNIE AND THE PASSIONS: I'll Never Be Free / Girl Break Away (Gateway 786, USA 1965) VG+ SOLD
  PA 60's grp. The B-s. "Girl Break Away" is a crude organ punker comped on WYLD SYDES #4 and CONQUER THE WORLD #1. Scarce!  
KNICKERBOCKERS, THE: One Track Mind / I Must Be Doing Something Wrong (London HL 10 035, NL 1966) EX/EX € 75,00
  Dutch-only PS issue of this classic 60's garage gem! Top copy! Rare!  
KNIGHT, TERRY AND THE PACK: Better Man Than I / Got Love (Lucky Eleven 226, USA 1966) M- SOLD
  Great versions of these classic Yardbirds/Kinks songs by this Michigan 60's grp. Top copy!  
LADD, GAYLAN: Think About Me / Her Loving Way (MGM K13435, USA 1965) VG SOLD
  Great 45 by this Texas guy aka Gaylan Latimer. The B-s. "Her Loving Way" is wild sneering garage punk! On GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS #5, HIGHS #23 etc. Original label sleeve. Plays fine!  
LAREY, PEGGY: Foggy / Someday When You Fall In Love (VMC V718, USA 1968) EX/VG+ € 30,00
  Haunting baroque folk pop 45 by this California 60's girl! Comes with the rare PS.  
LEE, BARRY: Make It / Things Gotta To Change (Redda no#, USA 1964) VG(+) € 25,00
  Hard to find Ohio 60's 45 by the same guy who recorded as Barry Lee & The Actions. Great garage pop w/ doo-wop influences b/w tuff mersey-ish garage beat. Rite pressing (13143/4).  
LEFT BANKE, THE: Pretty Ballerina / Lazy Day (Philips 320 239 BF, SPAIN 1967) EX/EX € 35,00
  Hard to find Spanish PS issue of this classic baroque folk psych pop gem!  
LEFT BANKE, THE: Walk Away Ren\E9e / I Haven't Got The Nerve (Philips 320 230 BF, NL 1967) EX/EX SOLD
  Great Dutch PS copy of this amazing U.S. baroque folk psych 2-sider!  
LIMEYS, THE: Silly Little Girl / Sweet Sweet Loves (Coulee 116, USA 1965) M- SOLD
  Great Holly-ish teen garage 2-sider by this obscure Wisconsin 60's band. Fave!  
LIVELY ONES, THE: Hey Scrounge / Night And Day (Smash S-1880, USA 1964) M- (dj) SOLD
  Great California 60's surf sax/gtr instro 2-sider! On SURFERS MOOD #3. Scarce!  
LIVIN' END, THE: Move Me / Time To Leave (Murco 1054, USA 1968) M- SOLD
  Louisiana 60's grp. Cool organ/fuzz garage wailer b/w funky garage pop mover. Rarely seen!  
LUNDONS, THE: I Love You So / It's Gonna Be All Right (Tiki 15859, USA 1966) VG(+) SOLD
  Crude garage 2-sider by this group from St. Louis, Missouri. The B-s. was comped on ESSENTIAL PEBBLES #2. Rare!  
LUV-LITES, THE: Where It's At / Born In Chicago (Op-Art OPA 1001/2, CANADA 1966) VG+ SOLD
  Toronto 60's grp. Groovy Hammond mod instro with fuzz gtr break b/w ripping version of the Paul Butterfield blues song!  
M.H. ROYALS: Tomorrow's Dread / She's Gone Forever (ABC 10907, USA 1967) M- (promo) € 35,00
  Cool jangly garage mover by this Chicago 60's band! Top copy!  
MAJESTIC FIVE, THEE: My Sweet Baby / The Belly Dance Beat (Marco Records no#, USA 1969) EX/EX SOLD
  Very obscure CA late 60's 45 by this Filipino grp. The A-s. is great garage w/ fuzz! Comes in oversized PS. This was listed in the TBM-book under the name of Buddy Peters (one of the band members). Rare!  
ME AND THE GUYS: I Can't Take It / Why Can't You Be True (Pla Me 101, USA 1966) G (wol) SOLD
  Killer Ohio garage 2-sider! Comped on QUAGMIRE, PSYCH STATES - OHIO #2 etc. This copy is not in the best condition and plays with hiss (check the audioclips), but therefor is cheap!  
MEEHAN PROJECT, DON: House In The Country / Love City (Columbia 4-44791, USA 1969) M- € 25,00
  Great late 60's psych pop as comped on FADING YELLOW #11. Comes in original label sleeve.  
MERRY-GO-ROUND, THE: She Laughed Loud / Had To Run Around (A&M SAM 509, FRANCE 1967) M-/M- SOLD
  Beautiful French PS 45 of this great psych folk pop 2-sider by CA 60's grp incl. Emitt Rhodes.  
MILLION-AIRS, LES: J'etais Son Copain / Sois Fid\E8le (London FC 744, CANADA 1966) M- SOLD
  Wild '66 Quebec garage punker! Surprisingly this has never been on a comp! Top copy!  
MONCKENMIER ENSEMBLE, THE: Golden Wings / Cry The Rain Down (Sonoplay SN-20.021, SPAIN 1967) M-/VG+ SOLD
  Unknown Spanish-only 45 by this NY 60's group! The B-s. "Cry the Rain Down" is a true psych garage winner! RARE!!  
MUSIC MACHINE, THE: Talk Talk / Come On In (Original Sound OS-61, USA 1966) M-/M- SOLD
  Top copy of this classic US 60's garage 2-sider that comes with the original die-cut PS!  
MYSTERIES, THE: Please Agree / I Find It's True Love (Manhattan 815, USA 1967) M- SOLD
  Great Florida psych garage w/ fuzz & swirling organ! On PSYCH STATES - FLORIDA #1. Scarce!  
NIK OF TYME: Unreal Dream / Storm Within (DeVille 200, USA 1968) M- SOLD
  Great moody California garage 2-sider! Uncomped & rare!  
NU-COACHMEN, THE: She Doesn't Love Me Anymore / A Letter From Margie (Reading 16001, USA 1966) VG SOLD
  Crude PA organ-sax frat garage!  
O'DELL, KENNY: Beautiful People / Flower Girl / Sunshine Dreaming/You'll Break Me Yet (Gamma GX 07-477, MEXICO 1967) VG+/VG++ (swoc) € 25,00
  Rare Mexican EP by this US singer/songwriter. "Flower Girl" was comped on MYSTIC MALES. "Sunshine Dreaming" and "You\B4ll Break Me Yet" are otherwise only on his debut-LP "Beautiful People".  
ORIGINALS, THE: Pretend It's All Right / Now's The Time (Raynard 10039, USA 1965) VG++ SOLD
  Obscure WI organ-guitar garage mover!  
OUTCASTS, THE: I Found Out About You / I Can't Get Through To You (Karate 531, NL 1966) VG(+)/EX SOLD
  Rare Dutch PS issue of this tuff CA organ-gtr fuzz garage mover! Comped on LET'S DIG 'EM UP!  
PARROTS, THE: They All Got Carried Away / Hey, Put The Clock Back On The Wall (Mala 558, USA 1967) VG+ SOLD
  The B-s. "Hey, Put The Clock Back..." is great psych pop comped on PSYCH UNKNOWNS #4.  
POORE BOYES, THE: Give / It's Love (Summer 181, USA 1966) VG(+) SOLD
  Great Minnesota 60's 2-sider! Haunting garage ballad b/w jangly folk garage w/ harp break. On DESTINATION FRANTIC #3, IT'S BOSS MAN! #2. Scarce!  
REVERES, THE: Big "T" / Me And My Spyder (Valiant 6041, USA 1964) VG(+) (promo) SOLD
  Great vocal hot rod 2-sider! Actually famous duo Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher!  
RHYTHM KINGS: Border Town / The Soul (London 5.402, BELGIUM 1963) M- € 30,00
  Great exotic surf 'n' soul by CA 60's grp aka Al Garcia & The Rhythm Kings! Scarce Belgian pressing.  
ROMAN CINQ, TONY: Hey, Hey, Hey / Personne Sauf Toi (Canusa C-301, CANADA 1966) VG+ SOLD
  Wyld uncomped Quebec garage swinger! Comes with original Canusa label sleeve. Scarce!  
ROYCE, BENNY & COMPANY: Since You Set Me Free / Drivin' My Love Away (Delmar 4975, USA 1966) VG+ SOLD
  Obscure 45 by this group from Dover, DE. Brisk moody garage b/w crude org-gtr garage mover. Scarce!  
SANDERS, LARRY: Child Of December / Fate (Stone Head Records 82071, USA 1971) M-/M- SOLD
  Great psych solo 45 by ex-member of Ohio 60's grp The Lime. Comes with rare PS.  
SENDERS, THE: She Told Me / Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White (IGL 149, USA 1967) M- SOLD
  Great Iowa 60's 2-sider! Moody jangly garage b/w good version of the Standells song. On MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST #3 and BEST OF I.G.L. Perfect copy!  
SHANNON, DEL: Under My Thumb / She Was Mine (Liberty LIB 55904, NL 1966) EX/EX SOLD
  Scarce Dutch PS issue of one of Del's fab mid-60's 45 incl. a great version of "Under My Thumb" and the awesome "She Was Mine".  
SINNERS, THE: I Like The Look Of You / You Don't Love Me (Mercury 72388, USA 1965) M- (dj) SOLD
  CA 60's group. Jangly mersey-ish garage b/w cool fuzz garage version of the Tommy Raye song also recorded by Gary Walker a.o.  
STRATONES, LES: Petite Soeur / Laisse-Moi Petite Fille (Loir LO-8301, CANADA 1967) VG++ SOLD
  Great uncomped Quebec fuzz garage swinger! Comes with original albel sleeve. Rare one!  
SUNDAE FUNNIES, THE: Get Out Of My Life Woman / Tell Me (Dad's Records 503, USA 1967) M- SOLD
  Great soul garage 45 by this group from Nebraska, formerly known as The Dynamic Impacts! Single has new band name stickers pasted on label. Comes with a photocopy of the original PS that still mentions the former group name.  
T.C. ATLANTIC: Twenty Years Ago [In Speedy's Kitchen] / I'm So Glad (Candy Floss CF 101, USA 1968) VG++ € 25,00
  Later 45 by this famous Minnesota 60's grp. the B-s. "I'm So Glad" is great anglo-esque garage pop!  
TERRIFICS, THE: On The Sea Shore / Lover's Plea (Fig Records F-301, USA 1968) EX SOLD
  Great crude soulish org-gtr garage w/ fuzz & screams by this group from Ashland, KY. On SIXTIES REBELLION #3 - THE AUDITORIUM. Rare!  
THORNS, THE: Protector Of My Beautiful Rose / I'm Talking About Yesterday (Frankie 137, BELGIUM 1968) VG++/VG (cc) € 50,00
  Rare Belgian PS of this rare U.S. 60's grp 45 originally released on the NY-based Sceneville label. Soulish garage w/ lots of brass! Corner cut on the PS.  
TROLLS, THE: Something Here Inside / Laughing All The Way (ABC 10884, USA 1966) VG+ (promo/xol) € 20,00
  Chicago 60's grp. Fab melodic pop beat 2-sider. "Something Here Inside" was comped on GRAVEL #4. Comes with original company sleeve.  
TROPHIES, THE: Baby Doesn't Live Here Anymore / Everywhere I Go (Kapp K-714, USA 1965) EX (dj) (wol) SOLD
  Fab harp-wailin' garage thumper by this group from Brattleboro, VT. On LOST GENERATION #3. Comes with orig. company sleeve.  
VIBRATIONS, THE: Now I'm Sorry / Let It Be Me (TSRC 1767, USA 1967) VG+ € 40,00
  Great unknown org-gtr garage pop swinger! Group most like came from South Carolina.  
VILLAGE GREEN: Natural Day / Visions Of Reality (Bar Harbor 101, USA 1967) EX SOLD
  Rare & rather unknown New England psych 2-sider!  
VILLIANS, THE: Love Is The Treasure / Midnight Hour (Bullet 11008, USA 1967) VG++ SOLD
  Fab moody Indiana garage 45! Flip is a fast ravin' version of the Sam & Dave song w/ tuff gtr break! Very rare!  
WALLFLOWERS: No Love Today / The Kind Of Love (Ridon 855, USA 1967) EX € 50,00
  Cool & obscure Oregon 2-sider. Byrdsy folk garage b/w catchy garage pop. Scarce!  
WANDERERS FIVE, THE: She Was Good To Me / Treat Me Right (Amber AMB-103, USA 1966) M- SOLD
  Haunting NJ org-gtr garage! "Treat Me Right" was incl. on DIE TODAY comp. Top copy!  
WIND IN THE WILLOWS, THE: Moments Spent / Friendly Lion (Capitol K 23 948, GERMANY 1968) M-/VG++ SOLD
  Rare German PS issue of this great NY folk psych 45 by group incl. Debbie Harry (Blondie).  
YOUNG GENERATION, THE: And It Hurts / Don't Be Nice To Me (Falstaff F-1066, USA 1966) VG++ SOLD
  Scarce Chicago 60's 45. The B-s. is great garage w/ sneering vocals & cool gtr break! On BASEMENTSVILLE U.S.A.  
YOUNG SAVAGES, THE: I Love You Oh So Much / Welcome To My World (Dynamic Sound 2007, USA 1967) M- SOLD
  Rare & non-comp Chicago org-gtr garage beat swinger! Great copy!